Sunday, March 2, 2008

I love the Irrrrrrish!

So March is definitely one of my most favorite months. It's starting to warm up, less white, more green, getting the itch to play some ball, and most importantly....the month we celebrate St Patrick's Day, one of the coolest holidays out there! I love the Irish! Someday I will go to Ireland, and be able to hear that Irish accent all day, in one of the greenest countries out there. I have always been a little infatuated with the Irish. Especially since I first saw Colin Farrell. I'll randomly talk like them and make myself believe how authentic my accent is. Well, sometimes I get a little carried away. Today, I was randomly talking to a lady in my ward at church about how I hadn't seen her around for a while and what not, ...anyways, I just busted out the accent on her, without thinking about it at all. After I was done, and realized that I had just given her a little too much taste of Jen, ---you should have seen the look on her face. It was quite humorous really, priceless, because seriously, who do you know that busts out some random accent in the middle of normal conversation. Wouldn't that just make your day? I know I'd appreciate a good accent impersonation here and there. Rob and I always talk in a redneck sort of accent, there's the English accent that comes into play on Tuesday and Wednesday nights because of American Idol, and now I have to throw in my Irish. I'm pretty sure everyone secretly loves it, they've probably been practicing at home, just like all of you who read this are trying yours out right now, out loud, all alone, sitting at your computer. were thinking about it though, weren't ya? I sure wish I had some kind of roots from Ireland, but nope not lucky there. Only Bloody English and Welsh roots. Oh well, for now I just pretend. I do have a red head, with quite a fiery temper, and maybe we'll just have to name the next boy Patrick!


RP said...

I totally had to pick myself up off the ground from laughing so hard! I would LOVE to hear your Irish accent! You are so funny!

We're told that they dye the Chicago River green for St. Patricks day. If it's warm enough, I'm hoping to venture out and check it out. I'll send you some pictures. Maybe next year you'll have to come here to spend the holiday.

Oh, and Wally's new boss is Scottish. He's got a pretty cool accent, even if it's not Irish.

Piano Mom said...

Umm...WOW! Jen, you are hilarious! I love the "Techno Burrito" song. Where did you get that? Hope you find some great way to celebrate St. Patty's day...even if you have no Irish blood.

Rachel said... I am reading this I can totally hear you talking with that ridiculous Irish accent. I can't help but giggle! Happy Monday!

Mandy said...

I love you! You make me laugh so hard! You even loaded your blog with Irish music...So devoted! It totally took me back to when we would shout random things in our accents (cant do it anymore, need a Jen fix!) I think you should just fake the whole geneology thing too, who would know?! Nice shout out to Colin Farrel too, OHH Baby!
I miss you!

Jolley Family said...

You and I spend many o' school days practicing that accent (while we were suppose to be in class) but I never caught it like you did!!! You and Andrea! Haha... man, I miss that!

Wendy Christensen said...

Top of the morning to you :) ... I love a good Irish accent, can't wait to hear yours. St. Patty's Day is such a great holiday - I'm a huge fan of the Shamrock Shakes - YUM. Thanks for the Thursday morning laugh!!!