Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Nothing like a Wet Cat

So, I go and get the boys clothes for the day while they're in the bathtub. I come back and low and behold, Lincoln was chillin' in the tub wtih them. Apparently, Carter pulled him into the tub as he sat on the toilet watching, and instead of freaking out and jumping right out of the water, he was surprisingly calm. It even looked like he was enjoying himself. The boys thought this was great and Spencer insisted I take pictures. Not to worry bud, mom would've anyways. What cat actually likes the water, seriously?


Jolley Family said...

Seriously, I can't believe your cat is just hanging out in water!!! That is awesome :) I've missed you posting. Do more!

Piano Mom said...

Kittens don't seem to have the water phobia that grown cats do...Gus used to hop in the shower with Bryan every morning. He'd come running every time he heard the shower start up and would sit outside the bathroom door wailing until someone let him in. Strange!