Friday, March 7, 2008

Me, Me, Me

I thought this would really help me think more about my life, which I just don't do enough of, so hopefully it motivates me to improve some of my answers.

I can
Shoot, I'm finding this one difficult, I'll come back to it
1. play ball, this is a constant, but sometimes I wish it were something else, something of a little more importance.
2. make others feel comfortable
3. carry all the groceries inside in 2 trips

I can't
1. express myself without crying
2. run fast
3. believe how hard this is!

I should
1. hold my tongue more
2. stop eating so much
3. get more organized for my sanity

I could
1. get caught up on my scrapbooking
2. get ready
3. go clean

I would
1. like to go back and finish school
2. like someone to clean and go to the store for me
3. n't mind getting rid of the cat, just for a little while.....

I will
1. get this weight off before I turn 30!
2. be a better mom to spencer and carter
3. be proud of the things I do

I won't
1. raise my voice today
2. miss the snow
3. drive the car, Rob just left for the river

I want
1. to buy a house
2. to paint my table black and buy new square back chairs
3. spencer and carter to be better friends

I crave
1. acceptance
2. turtle cheesecake
3. compliments

I hear
1. the computer
2. silence, which isn't good, better go check on Carter......Yep, yogurt spill, knew something was going on
3. all the dang crows squawking outside! Seriously, there are too many crows here.

I smell
1. PB on my lips
2. my laundry detergent, (my clothes are drying on the rack)
3. Kracky's cage, it needs to be cleaned!

I see
1. a lot of clutter, where does all this stuff come from!
2. my cowboy hat that I really want to wear, but probably won't until it's hot and we're at the beach or something.
3. pictures of Spencer and Carter at the pumpkin patch last year

I am
1. tired
2. yet to get ready
3. Full, too much PB

I was
1. hoping to reorganize the linen closet by now
2. thinking of going back on the diet tomorrow?
3. downstairs, but now I'm upstairs

I hope
1. to keep improving my life
2. my boys turn out all right
3. Carter isn't making any more messes right now

I love
1. my family
2. it when it's quiet
3. blogging


Jolley Family said...

I loved reading this about you, it's good insight! You are garrrreeeaaattt!

Piano Mom said...

We all have our moments...just have to keep going!

Mandy said...

I loved this blog too, I kept thinking of what I would say and would come up black every time, good girl! Maybe we can be diet buddies, I am having a heck of a time (like 35 lbs to go!) What to do?!! Anyway, very cute family!

Jacy said...

Loved reading this! I'm going to steal it and put it on my blog too! Like Mandy said though, I will probably come up blank on all my answers! You're so witty!

Wendy Christensen said...

Jennica, I think you are one amazing, mom, friend, and lady!! I love your spunk for life and your funny sense of humor :) YOU make the world a better place!!! Love, Wendy