Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Jackson Porter Mackley

Okay, so after a long week of waiting for the hospital to call so I could be induced, they called finally Thursday night at 11pm. Rob thought I was kidding, but quickly realized it was time, because I started making preparations and checking my bag to see if I had everything. After we got there they started me at about 12:30am. Jackson was born Friday afternoon @ 1:45pm. He weighed a whopping 9 pounds 9.5 ounces and was 22 inches long. He was my record breaker by far, but luckily I had no problems pushing him out. It was absolutely amazing to see him come into the world when just a few moments before that he was inside my tummy. I don't think the realization hit Rob nor I until after he was born. He is such a blessing and ever so precious. We are so grateful that he is healthy and doing so well. Thanks for all the phone calls, messages, and congrats....we can't wait for you all to meet him!

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RP said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you guys and only a little jealous! :) I hope everyone is adjusting well!