Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Carter has really enjoyed PreSchool this year with his great teachers and classmates, and one of the things that makes his school so great is they have these cute little things to look forward to, like: being Star of the Week, having performances and special parent activities at school. Well another thing Carter has been looking forward to for a very long time was his turn to take Diego home. My Carter is a HUGE Diego fan and watches at least one episode daily, (plus dressed up as Diego for Halloween last year). Well he finally got his turn and brought Diego and his backpack with tons of fun things inside home for the entire week. He carried Diego around pretty much anywhere we went, including all car rides and errands I had, and did nothing but play with the items inside the backpack. Camera Click, walkie-talkie, puzzle, movie, coloring book, magna doodle, & books. Carter is such a passionate, enthusiastic little feller. He adds a fun factor that you just don't get from a lot of people and we love him to death! I mean just look at his face and tell me he isn't the happiest boy ever!

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RP said...

We've got a Diego fan over here too. I can only imagine the excitement for Carter! Lucky boy!