Friday, March 27, 2009

St. Paddy's Day Come and Gone

I realize after all the hype I created with my last post, this post is super late! St Patrick's Day was quite fun, as it always is. We dressed in as much green as possible! After hitting some errands around town, I was super impressed with other Green Enthusiasts. At the Dollar Store, this girl had on every shade of green from her scarf all the way down to her shoes! It was awesome. Spencer got his green on and wished me a Happy St. Patrick's Day!....he knows just how much I love it. I worked the accent in wherever I could without scaring too many people. We had our fun scavenger hunt for our pot o' gold after Spencer got home from school. Which was really just for Spencer. Carter raced around behind him, always too many steps behind, but still got excited about the delicious pot o' gold Spencer found. We colored our shamrocks, did some Irish puzzles and pages, danced some Irish jigs, practiced Spencer's Irish accent, had our delicious Irish feast of corned beef, cabbage, sweet Irish soda bread, green Koolaid, kiwi fruit, (they're green ok) and our green oreos for dessert. During our dinner I quizzed the fam on some basic St. Paddy trivia. Did you know that they originally wore the color BLUE to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! The phrase, "remember to put your green on"-meaning a shamrock pin or something, turned into wearing green and the color blue no more. *Just thought you'd all like to know that. The week before St. Patrick's Day, Rob took me and Spencer to a Celtic Music and Dance Festival. It was amazing! So many bagpipes, drums, Irish dancing, and wonderment! We had so much fun and the little beginner dancers of about 4 were so cute! If I have a girl, I'm afraid she won't have a say in whether or not she takes Irish Dancing! Now if I could only learn how to play the bagpipes, Rob the drum, and Spencer could just dress up as a Leprechaun and provide the entertainment, considering he already has the hair for it. The only missed out festivity was I was going to have the boys wear green, shamrock bow ties to Church and Rob a shamrock/beer jug tie. But since Carter and I weren't 100%, it didn't happen. Rob promised he'd wear it next year. -What a guy. Willing to wear a beer jug tie to Church and took me to an Irish Dance/Music festival this year all on his own! Now that's love.
Yummy rolos in a green bowl, .....that's our pot o' gold!
This is for you Mandy, notice Spencer's dancing, that Celtic Festival sure paid for itself. Spencer's moves are priceless and pretty good, not to mention he knew exactly where his hands were supposed to go.


RP said...

Love the accent! You are way better than I am! Glad to hear you had a great St. Patrick's Day! How fun to go see the Celtic dancers too! You really went all out this year! :)

Leslie said...

i'm glad you finally updated us on the st patty's day events! everyone looks fabulous! your hair is getting so long, i like it! i hope i can make st patty's day fun for oskie one day.

spencer dancing is great! your boys are getting way too big, we need to see you again!

Gary said...

Darling pictures!!!

Is Spencer that much taller than Carter? He is growing so much.

Loved the dancing & talking.

Thanks for updating. Love you all so much.

Gpa & Gma

Rachel said...

I love your enthusiastic approach when celebrating St. Patrick's Day...we are doing pretty good by just wearing green!
While I was watching Spencer and Carter in the video clip Rob couldn't believe how good your Irish accent was...he loved it!
Tell Spencer and Carter that they dance a mean Irish Jig!!!

Jennica said...

Ohhhh, tell Rob he just made my day! He sure knows what charms the ladies!....well at least me anyways.