Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Three's!

Today we celebrated Rob's birthday. He turned 33. I told him not to worry because I still consider him early thirties.....did I mention I haven't even turned 30 yet...ANYWAYS, we tried to spoil him all day starting off with a yummy hot breakfast: pancakes, hashbrowns, bacon, and of course his fried egg. Then he went off to work, (I know it's sad he had to work on his birthday) so we met him at the park for a picnic. It was really fun and the boys had a blast. After he got home, I made his request of white chicken chili from America's Test Kitchen, (it's one of our favorite cooking shows) and it was really yummy! A bit of work but not too time consuming. After dinner, we had birthday cake and ice cream. Then it was on to presents. He got a rescue knife for kayaking/rafting and a much needed new pair of jeans. We finished the night off with a match of Madden. Unfortunately for the birthday boy, he just wasn't his day. But we love him anyways!
I've been calling him 3's all day, so I want to mention 3 things I love about Rob. I know this will embarass him, but too bad Rob, it's my blog. First thing is Rob makes me laugh. I love his sense of humor and after nearly 10 years of marriage, he still has it. Second, I love Rob's ability to make things happen. Whether it's following through on a desire, or figuring it out on his own, he knows how to get what he wants. And third, he's a great man. He's honest, does the right thing on principle, and works so hard! Those are just to name a few. Of course he's a wonderful husband and father and he makes me and the boys happy, so Happy Birthday Rob, we love you!


Gary said...

We agree that Rob is all 3 things that you said. We love him because he is so friendly to us, his old in-laws. We enjoy our visits with him because he is such a good listener. But most of all, we love him because he loves our precious daughter & our two special grandboys & treats them with care & understanding. Hope you had a great day being spoiled.

Love, Gary & Renee

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Rob! Hope your day was good and Jen...33 is still EARLY thirties!!!

Jennica said...

I know, I know.....33 is early thirties, but 34, that's mid thirties. Are you feeling a little up there???? Hmmmm?????

Just remember, you still look really young.

Shaela said...

what a great man you've snagged! :)