Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Carter's 3!

Last Thursday we celebrated Carter's birthday. We had a Thomas the Train theme and poor Carter was put through a bit of torture before the blessed day. I bought everything a month in advance with Carter: Thomas plates, cups, balloons, party favors, cake mold, and pinata: and came home only to stuff it in the closet and made him wait 4 painstakingly long weeks for the day of his party. It didn't help that our house is so small that every time we opened the closet for a coat he saw his train pinata just sitting there. I will definitely not purchase party supplies with the birthday boy ever again...what can I say, I'm not too bright.
I was getting really excited for Carter's birthday....I found a train table loaded with tracks already nailed down in place on Craigslist which my friend told me to check out (Thanks Shanda) and it's been a big hit. Not only with Carter, but Spencer too. And thanks to my great friend Debbie who let me store it in her garage until the birthday party, it was a fun surprise. We invited a few of Carter's friends, had pizza, cake, ice cream, and just let the kids play. He loved all his presents and thanks everyone for remembering! One of his highlights was his special call from his cousin Hannah. He has a special place for her in his heart!
The whole day was fun and filled with Carter telling all friends, family, and strangers that "Today's my Birthday Party!" and of course that he's Fweee!. He is so not shy! He's such a great boy. I love his enthusiasm for everything! He makes me laugh and is just a sweetheart. I can't believe my baby's 3 years old!


RP said...

What a cutie! I can't believe he's 3 already! Did you make his cake? Very impressive! Seriously, he's such a cute little guy! Happy Birthday Carter!

Leslie said...

what a cute boy! your cake turned out adorable, seems like you worried about nothing! i can't believe he is 3 already where does the time go.

Gary said...

Sparks are radiating from all of Carter's pictures. What a happy boy! He's not spoiled or anything, is he?

What an awesome cake & mom who made it. How long did it take? I am way impressed. You & Rob are doing a great job parenting.

Love you all, Mom & Dad

Jennica said...

It was fun making the cake, but also a little stressful just worrying that it wouldn't turn out. From start to finish, it took 4 1/2 hours. To decorate, it only took 45 minutes, but yes I am awesome! jk.

Thanks for the compliment

Rachel said...

You are definitely talented when it comes to baking cakes...it's impressive! Happy Birthday Carter! We love you!

TC Jolley said...

Jen, your baby is 3!!!! Okay seriously, you are the cutest most organized mom I know, a month in advance?!?! And that cake... it's awesome! You inspire me :)