Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Random Thoughts

Okay, so I haven't had a whole lot I've wanted to post about but seeing as it's been awhile, I thought I'd ramble for a bit....
I'm kind of in a funk right now. My arm is hurting, I see the Doc today, find out if something's wrong (again!), or I'll get the okay to start up some more PT. I'm a little nervous, not too excited, but I'm getting frustrated and wanting to get back to my workout routine and just plain normalcy! My arm just isn't right and I hate doing everything one-handed! Plus, since I haven't been working out lately, I thought it'd be a good time to eat everything in sight! Uggghh! Now I've recently started watching my intake(meaning this is day 2) and trying to do what I can at the gym, but honestly! if only I could be a little more consistent!

Okay, on to better things....Spencer & Carter. Spencer's great and wonderful. He's been going out of his way to do nice things for me, and help me before I even ask. He is an amazing kid. And he's quite the runner. They've been having a Junior Jogger competition between classes at school and every Wed. they run laps around the field behind the playground, and Spencer just runs and runs! Parents could come help out and earn extra laps for their child's class, so I went and ran with Spencer. He could keep up the entire time, 30 min. and even carry on a conversation! (with all his friends, not me, I was extremely out of breath) The kid has some wind. All the other kids just sprint and stop and sprint and stop- trying to not get passed by any of their friends, but in the end can't hold on...Spencer just keeps going and going. His last Junior Jogger day, both Rob and I came to help ensure that his class would win 1st place, and Spence could even keep up with Rob! I think we may have a little track star on our hands. Of course that's only if football doesn't work out.

Carter is super-excited for his upcoming birthday. He tells everyone when it is and then asks when is your birthday? His little voice is super sweet and always makes me smile. His latest wonderful is that he said to me, "Mommy, you're my best fwiend." Oh, I loved that! And I think that he's told everyone else they're his best friend too, even the cat, but I was his I'm holding on to that.

I'm hoping this little funk of mine doesn't last too long. Maybe it's the weather, I would really appreciate a little sunshine and warmth. Tired of the overcast thing.
Send some rays my way!


Leslie said...

i hope your arm starts feeling better! let me know what you find out from the Dr. I loved your email you sent the other day. It was fun to see what you wrote back to me. Made me laugh oh the cadbury mini egg season is almost here! death to my diet!

WOW, our little spencer a runner. I love it and am jealous. Still trying to get my butt back into running shape, and it is slow going. And i love the story about carter saying you were his best friend. too precious!!

love ya and miss ya too much! keep me posted about the arm, i didn't realize you were having problems again.

The Bryner's said...

sorry about your arm! i wish i was around to help you with those sweet boys! Winter is a bummer! Let me know what you find out! Love ya and miss ya a ton!!!!

Gary said...

We're sorry about your arm, too. Let us know ASAP what you find out from the doctor. I understand a little about broken arms but nothing like you do. Weather has a lot to do with the aches & pains of a once broken limb especially when there are pins & plates holding everything together. If it has healed adequately the doctor might take out some of that stuff. Keep us posted & we will definately be keeping you in our prayers. We love you so very much & hurt when you hurt.

Give Spencer & Carter lots of hugs & kisses from us. We miss them. Can't believe that Carter is talking so much & Spencer is quite the little athlete & yes he would be someone for me to be on a deserted island with.

Tell Rob Hi.

Love, Mom & Dad

Piano Mom said...

I am sorry about your arm and will keep my fingers crossed that the doctor can give you some good news. On the off chance that you need some help...all you have to do is ask.
As for your'll pass. I know-I have lots of them. (And I DO think that the weather has something to do with it sometimes so I'll pray for some sun!). Love you, miss you and wish you were closer!

TC Jolley said...

Jen, it was so good talking with you the other day, keep us posted on your arm... I'm bummed for you. Come visit me, yesterday we hit 80!!! Woo-hoo! You always have a place to stay in Arizona!

Wendy Christensen {Moments Like This} said...

Jennica - Loved your random thoughts!! :) Better still, I loved getting together on Sat. night ... Too fun!! Happy Mon. night to you ...

Mandy said...

Im so sorry about your funk! I hate feeling like that. I too blame the weather, it would be so nice to just be warm for a minute! I al also so sorry about your arm! What the crap? How old are we again? I have such a crush on Carter! I want him to tell me Im his best Fwind too! Hope things get better soon!