Monday, October 29, 2007

Spencer's Primary Program

Today was the best Sacrament meeting. The Primary had their program and we were able to sit back and enjoy Spencer and all the other kids. We were so proud of him. He is so incredibly smart. He memorized his 3 lines so quickly and performed them so perfectly. While rehearsing he would even correct me , when I missed a word or completely messed up. (His memorization skills are a lot sharper than mine.) And his singing melted our hearts. Our little Spence knew those words so well, and took pride in singing them. During a few of his favorites, he sang as loud as he could, with a smile on his face, and Rob & I sitting 4 rows from the back could pick out his voice and couldn't help but love him even more. He is such a wonderful boy, who constantly pleases those around him. Mom, you would have loved it!


alayna said...

Tell Spencer that I wish I could have been there, but that I'm so proud of him for doing such a great job! And I love the new pictures of the boys!!! Have a great you!

Anonymous said...

I do wish I could have been there to beam just like you & Rob. Spencer is a very special boy & we love him so very much. Give him a big hug from us & tell him that we are very proud of him & all he does. Alot of the congratulations goes to you & Rob for the time you spend teaching & showing him how to do things. So....enjoy your pay days.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.
That Carter is a handsome little wart. His personality shows in every picture.

Have a happy & safe Halloween. We love you tons!!!