Thursday, October 11, 2007


Last Saturday, Rob took Spencer to the pet store to bring home our first pet. They went for some fish, they came back with Kracky. Kracky, short for Krakatoa, (can you say my dad's a geologist?) is our new pet Leopard Gecko. While he's cute and low maintenance, I wasn't too sure about having to feed him crickets, but I thought I'll be positive and give it a shot. Well, my first transfer from bag of crickets to cricket house didn't quite go as planned. Actually, the exact thing that I feared happened. Out of the 12 crickets, 2 jumped out onto my kitchen table, that's where we eat! I freaked out a little bit, yelled for Spencer to grab a paper towel, and tried to be brave and put the 2 in their new house. The things just kept jumping out of the paper towel how I have no idea, it took me about 5 tries. Well I got things under control and have to admit though I have to feed Kracky live bugs, the boys love him and I do too.


The Koford Family said...

Alright, Addi will not ever come home with a bugs aloud!!! I will threaten Ron with all sorts of bad things (wink wink) if he ever brings one of them home. Kinda funny since I just had to cut the hair off my dogs bum so the poop didnt stick... alright, maybe a few crickets are not so bad!

alayna said...

Jen, I honestly can't see you with a pet lizard...although it totally fits Spencer. How does Carter do with it? Have you mastered feeding it yet? Crickets...YUCK!!! I'll stick with my cat any day! Love you guys!