Sunday, October 21, 2007

Disappointment on the Halloween Front

Okay, so I'm a little hot and bothered. Spencer's awesome Halloween costume is apparently not going to be Spencer's awesome Halloween costume! I just received an email saying that they don't have this in their warehouse, and I'm just barely hearing about it! I ordered this October 5th. Come on people! Don't they know we shop for these things with our kids on our laps and they get all excited, promises are made, and then bam! mom has to be the bad guy again, and tell him he's going to have to be a ninja. A ninja isn't even half as -cool- as a navy seal. Well, I hope the disappointment goes over better with him tomorrow morning when I tell him his Halloween is crushed because mom tried to save 5 bucks. So, never order from Halloween Costumes 4 U, they just plain suck!


Jacy said...

Jennica! How are you!!!???
Your boys are so cute! I love the themed Batman & Robin from last year!
I think a Ninja is pretty cool, but I know how that goes once your kiddo has their mind set on something! Good luck with that, I feel for you.
Your blog is cute! I love reading what you're up to!
~Jacy (Olsen) Clayton

Anonymous said...

Hi Spencer,

We got your turkey today. I can't believe that you can color that good. You are growing up way too fast. I was also impressed with how well you can write your name. You are way to sharp for a kindergarten student. Keep doing your best!!! You are paving the way for Carter, you know.

Have a great day tomorrow. We love you tons & tons. Give Carter a hug for us. We love him too.

Gpa & Gma Harris

Mandy said...

Lame to the third degree! So sorry! Just have him be a ghost...that is cool right? Also, once I was a domino and that was awesome (Just get a box and draw dots on it....totally cool!) He will be fine, candy is all it is really about! I cant wait till Addi is old enough to realize that candy is the coolest thing ever and I get to steal it all!