Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wings Over Washington

We took the boys to an air show last night at the Pasco airport. We all had a blast! I stumbled onto the idea after seeing an advertisement in a coupon magazine. So I bought the tickets online. I packed up all the things the air show website recommended and off we went. The day was a huge success. This is how it started. Online, it said that parking would cost $10, but when we got there it only cost $5. Then, when we went to go in and hand them our printed tickets from the internet, the guy tried putting a VIP band on Rob and I. I tried to stop him and explained that I didn't buy VIP's, I bought the Adult passes, but he assured me he was right. What am I going to do? Argue with a wonderful man who wanted to upgrade our bands to VIP? that's right! Rob said, this will probably be the first and last time for us honey. So in we went with our special green bands, (not your low class red bands.)
They had 2 bounce houses for the kids, airplanes all spread out for you to look at. Army forces recruitment booths, one of which thought I should join, yah right! I said no, it's not for me! The guy was pretty persistent. He really wanted me to sign up, just goes to show you how desperate they are, now doesn't it! But our little Spencer didn't back down. He did 10 pushups on the asphalt! and scored a free poster. -what a stud. ---We found our spot along the runway, laid out our blanket and set out our chairs, and then Rob found out just what VIP meant. There was a special taped off area for the "special" $35 per person people, where they served a catered buffet BBQ dinner, complete with the most delicious chicken and steak, side dishes, and drinks one could enjoy. (Rob mentioned that if we drank beer, we really would have saved some money.) It was delicious, and here's the funny part. I mean if someone gives you something for free, you better bet we're going to enjoy it. They started serving food at 3:30pm 30 minutes before the show started. So we went and had a bite to eat. And then yes, we went back at 6 for round 2. They also had tatoos and face-painting for kids, Spencer became a cheetah, which freaked Carter out for the next 10-15 minutes, because Spencer wouldn't stop hissing and crouching like a cheetah cat waiting to pounce his next meal, which apparently Carter thought was him. Oh brotherly love-
We went back to our spot just before the show started, grabbed a bag of cotton candy and placed our ear protection on.
They had a really cool opening presentation and a pilot even sang the Star Spangled Banner while he flew all these aerobatic moves in his airplane. They had a long procession, almost parade, of all the counties fire and police departments and their vehicles. Bomb squad, armed forces, hummers, cars, trucks, boats, and then some.
They started with an F15E jet. This sucker was so loud! It traveled faster than the speed of sound. Rob and I thought it was so cool! Then they had the Canadian Blue Darts hit the air, all 9 of them, where they did some spectacular flight formations and even drew a heart in the sky. At one point, they had 2 airplanes fly directly at each other and then at the last second turn and just miss one other--Spencer turned around and said to me, "that was awesome!" Even Carter sat still and just watched all the planes. He loves airplanes though, everytime one flies over our house he has to stop, point up at the sky, and yell airplane momma! They had a few other free falling planes and one really quiet, bomb dropping airplane that could maneuver so easily. It was just amazing to watch. Lastly they had an old WWII airplane fly alongside another one and it gave Rob and I chills! The music was great, fun atmosphere, and you couldn't have picked a better night. Even though we were facing the sun, it was completely overcast and just a cool pleasant evening full of 3 hours of watching different airplanes do amazing tricks. I mean we scored a great deal, saved over $40, the boys had a great time, Rob and I did too. Spencer & Rob even got their picture in the paper, check it out!


Leslie said...

what a fun family activity! The airplane pictures flying in formations is pretty cool!

Piano Mom said...

What a fun day! I'm glad that you are taking these moments to build great memories with your kids!

RP said...

This looks awesome! What a perfect thing to do with two energetic boys!

Seriously, how lucky can you be to have your picture in the paper too?!?