Monday, September 22, 2008

Football all weekend long

Our Big Red is all about football. He just started Flag Football and had his very first game last Saturday. He loved it! And did awesome! It was so fun to watch him in all his enthusiasm try his hardest, blocking other little boys, grabbing at their flags, having his turn to be Quarterback, and the best part, running the ball. The best part of the day was when his shirt came untucked and he had to tuck it back in. And proceeded to do so in the back of his undees. This didn't faze him one bit. Nothing could break this kids focus on game day.
So now we have Spencer's game Saturday morning, we return for a little college ball, playing catch, and Spencer tackling Carter, and then on Sunday all the NFL games. This kid just can't get enough. He actually remembers so many statistics that it's kind of scary, really. He knows more about the players, who's hurt, who's predicted to be good, numbers, previous game scores, and yes, that's right.....scary! Spencer says he's going to play high school football, play on the Florida Gators football team, and then play for the San Diego Chargers. (He wants to be the next LaDanian Tomlinson) Rob told him after he's done playing, he'll have a great career as a sports analyst because he knows so much and loves to talk!
Enjoy the pics!


Rachel said...

Still laughing! What a shot of his underwear...that will for sure come back and haunt him when he's older!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for some new pictures. You gotta love that little red head. So into everything he does. Enjoy all these times. They are priceless.

Love, Mom

Piano Mom said...

I am so loving that last picture! Good for you for putting him in flag football...he'll love it!