Saturday, August 16, 2008

Trip to Mt. Rainier

We went on a family vacation to Packwood, Washington to see Mt. Rainier with Rob's friend Dallin, his wife Heather and their one year old daughter Lidia. It was a lot of fun. We arrived there on Friday, settled in and hit the local pizza joint, Cruisers. (super good pizza) Saturday, we hiked a trail to Silver Falls and then went to a nearby town, Morton for the local Lumbermen's Jubilee. This was the highlight of our trip. We saw some real burly men chopping, sawing, climbing, log rolling, axe throwing, and a real entertaining clown act. The world record holder for climbing an 80 foot tree was there, and he flew up that tree and down lightning fast. They even brought out this chainsaw that had a V8 engine and was all suped up, called the "Predator" that cut through a super thick stump in only a few seconds. *Needless to say, we were in red neck valley for sure. We managed to bring home a few souvenirs, a slice of wood cut off from the top of the stump the world record holder cut off, -pretty cool and some other random cut of wood that Spencer just had to have.
Rob went fishing with Spencer a few times, who caught a total of 3 fish. We walked through the Groves of the Patriarch, where the trees were soooo huge! Red Cedars and Douglas trees. Unfortunately we forgot the camera. We traveled up to Mt. Rainier and even caught a great view of the majestic mountain. We walked around the visitors center and stopped to see some sights on the way down. We played a lot of games, --one that was new called The Age of the Empire, or something like that. It was super fun, a great Christmas present (hint, hint, that is only found at Barnes and Noble). The Farming Game, Battleship, Go Fish, & Phase 10. I love playing games, so I was glad that Spencer and Dallin enjoy playing games too. Rob and Heather even joined us for a few.
The boys enjoyed running around and getting dirty. Throwing rocks in the river, eating lots of junk food, and all the fresh air. It was so much fun. We love going up there and staying at the shabby cabin that has it all for only $65 per night.

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Wendy Christensen said...

Jennica - I would love to go visit Mt. Rainier!! :) Sounds like this was a very fun trip ... the burly logger men are a must see!! :) I think we'll have to plan this adventure for next summer!