Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our Guitar Hero Family

Haven't had much going on here except for rehabin' my arm, but as I haven't been too active, we've spent some serious quality time at home. I've been able to share my love of Guitar Hero with each member of my family. Spencer has recently started playing and does quite well. He loves to rock out on Easy, and Rob & I keep encouraging to move on to Medium because he's ready. Well my little red headed rocker asked me the other day if it would be cool if he played in a band when he got older. Of course I said yes, that would be awesome! Even Carter will grab the guitar, sit on the couch, hold down the yellow fret button and strum. They both have quite the rockin' moves, which I really need to capture on camera and post later. Carter moves his hands to the side as if he's playing a guitar (I think), then he stomps his leg to the beat, and curls up his face in a major pucker up kind of way. It's really hard to describe, so I'll have to post some pictures and footage later after I figure out how to put my digital camera footage on here.
As for me, I've added playing Guitar Hero to my list of PT exercises that I need to do and can play Medium to Hard, but not for too long. My wrist seizes up a bit, but I play through the pain. Things are coming along well. I have about a month left until I'm 100%, so can't wait till then!


Rachel said...

We totally need to have a Guitar Hero Party! I'm thinking that Santa needs to bring Guitar Hero to our house this that we can improve our skills! Glad to hear that PT is still going good...hang in are AWESOME!!!

Piano Mom said...

I am so impressed with all of the progress you are making in your physical therapy! You are one tough girl. Keep it up! We'll have to have Guitar Hero party...maybe when Leslie blesses baby boy "O" or when Dad & Mom come home! LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

OK, we figured out the password. Don't change anything, now.

Never thought I'd be encouraging you to play guitar hero but if it helps with the physical therapy, keep it up, girl. Just don't overdue it.

Love, Mom

Leslie said...

no guitar hero parties until i get better, i haven't played since christmas and i can struggle with the easy level. but i do love to play i just need practice. glad that guitar hero has helped with the wrist and elbow. ROCK OUT!

Wendy Christensen said...

Rock ON Jennica --- :) I'm so glad your arm is healing and that Guitar Hero is there to help you with the progress :)