Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas 2007

Wow, this year was a fun Christmas. We celebrated Christmas Eve with some yummy chinese takeout and watching the Bronco/Charger game. Spencer's Chargers won, which Rob did not appreciate very much, but at least he let Spencer watch the entire game even though his Broncos did not play well at all. We made Santa some gingerbread man cookies, and of course left some apples and oranges for the reindeer as well. We read the Christmas story and watched a little video about it and then Spencer informed us he was going to turn on his listening ears when he went up to his room, so he could hear Santa. And then he'd know if Santa Claus was real or not. Christmas morning, Spencer was awake at about 7am. He was so excited and ready to run down and open presents except that I wasn't ready. I ran down to get the camera ready, but couldn't see very well, as I had woken up with a migraine. Spencer was on the verge of tears wanting to see his presents, so I gave in and let them come down without the camera ready to go. oh well, we caught most of the excitement. As soon as Carter saw his basketball hoop, he was saying basketball over and over and over again. That's all he did for quite some time as we opened our presents. Finally, he started to get into it as well, trying to take all of Spencer's presents and opening a few of his as well. He was happy with his hoop and Wiggle video. It was so funny. Spencer couldn't slow down. He was opening presents so fast we only caught about half on camera. He was divying out mine, rob's, carter's, opening up the family gifts and saying each time he opened one, "This is just what I wanted!" That made us feel really good. Spencer was excited about all of his presents, especially the LT jersey Santa brought him which he has been wearing these last few days. Lincoln, aka "Linx," our new cat, entertained us all by jumping and pouncing on all of the wrapping paper. We love having him around, and he's already so comfortable around us that he doesn't go and hide anymore. What a Christmas. A new pet, lots of goodies, a big mess, and happy kids. We hope you all had a great Christmas as well.

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alayna said...

Jen, I can't believe you've got a kitten...I always pictured you and Rob as "dog people". Sounds like your Christmas was wonderful! We watched the Chargers/Broncos game as well and I felt bad for Rob...has to be hard listening to your own son (traitor) cheer on the opposing team. Wish you could have been here with us though.