Friday, August 14, 2009

Carter and The Wind

Okay, so this past summer Carter has developed some kind of phobia of the wind. If he sees the trees moving out the window before we even step outside, the kid has a death grip on my hand and starts freaking out! I have no idea how this all started, but it's really not the greatest. Even camping last month was a trial.... any time the wind picked up, the little guy was running to me or Rob to "save" him from the wind. Why in the world is my son afraid of the wind and how do I break him of it!


Efamily said...

Jennica FREAK GIRL!!! I am freaking out! I miss you so much! I was actually thinking about you this weekend as I was driving through Breckenridge, Colorado (I don't know why really, but I think you stayed there once on a softball excursion to Denver). Random I know. Anyways how are you doing? I just checked out all of your sisters and parents blog. How fun to see them all! Your family is so great. Gosh how did they put up with me....YOur poor parents...I was such a bratty and sassy teenager? Good ol' Gary and Renee serving it up in Germany, that is AWESOME! And your sisters they are all so beautiful! WOW, so what the heck are you up to? You have to keep in touch. I got your email so save mine to your address book.
Life is good here in Colorado but I do miss Logan. Josh and I actually were living there before we moved here. I am super busy being a mom but I love it. I just found some old softball pics so I will have to post them soon for are going to love the one with the big bangs!
Tell Rob hi for me and your boys are so cute. I would love to come see you in Washington. Take care and keep in touch. Love ya,


Leslie said...

ya for a new post!! that is weird about the wind and carter. wonder why it affects him the way it does. good luck with that one :)

Gary said...

What have you been doing to our tough guy grandson to make him scared of the wind??? (just kidding) I think it might just be a phase so be patient. Taking him to fly a kite in the wind might help him see the fun of the wind. But when all else fails, just tell him that his Gpa & Gma love him no matter what!!!

Love, Mom & Dad

Mandy said...

Ive been gone awhile so I have to do some backtracking. First of all, so sorry for Cute Carters wind phobia, Addi hates it too, but mostly because it blows her hair in her eyes!
Your boys could not be any more adorable and boy like! I love that wresteling picture where Spence looks like his vertebre is shattering into thousands of pieces! Also, carters bubbles are awesome! Im so sorry about the whole Black thing that Spencer has going, he is totally right though, he is kinda screwed. Sorry bud!

Anonymous said...
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