Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Extravaganza!

This year's Thanksgiving was so wonderful. We were able to enjoy 2 turkey feasts with all of our wonderful family. -I know how lucky are we?! And the only way this was accomplished was that one feast took place during lunch, the other dinner. Needless to say, we had our fill. We traveled to Idaho to see all of Rob's family and had such a great time! Besides all the good food, it was so fun to see everyone, catch up a little bit, and just enjoy being surrounded by great people. Spencer and Carter had so much fun and were spoiled by all. (Thanks Gma & Gpa's, Aunts & Uncles!)
I was even able to travel to Utah with the boys and spend a wonderful day with my sisters and their kids. -Whenever we get together, it seems we laugh so much and it's never long enough, but I was so grateful to see them, especially Leslie and little Oscar. He is so cute and I loved seeing Leslie as a mom. She's the best little mom and is doing a great job! (I love you Les!)
We made the long drive both ways all in one day and Rob & I have decided that this is the way to go. The boys were so pleasant and it beats packing twice, getting a hotel, paying for the hotel, and wasting 2 extra days in the car.
Thanksgiving is such a great time to be reminded of the things I'm most grateful for--the long-living Harris tradition is to name 3 things we're grateful by putting 3candy corns in a small dish and passing it around the table. So staying true to my roots the 3 things I'm grateful for this year are: 1-My Family (who I love very much! & mom and dad I miss you tons!), 2-The Gospel (It's Truth, Meaning, and Direction it gives to my life), and 3-Sis. Pettey (because she gives so unselfishly to me and my family)
Happy Thanksgiving!

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