Monday, November 3, 2008

The Best Day Ever!

What a day Halloween was. It seemed so long in coming! I started off by going and helping out at Spencer's school for his Halloween party. It is always fun to go help out and to see Spencer in his element. I "manned" the bookmark station, and got off pretty easy. The other 3 mom's were in charge of cookie decorating, witch's hands, and pumpkin hats. The kids were great and I had a lot of fun. Then it was was off to the store to pick up some food, so I could make this cool spider web chip dip. I forgot to take a picture, oh well. Then it was time to finish carving the extremely thick pumpkin we bought at the pumpkin patch. I decided to make it half-elmo & half-Charger helmet. With the pumpkin done and out of the way, it was finally time for all the candy! (This was all the boys wanted anyways) We headed off to the Uptown Mall (a little strip mall) and trick-or-treated to all the stores. This truly was the best part.....after Carter caught on to the whole concept, he just started yelling "Tandy, Tandy!" laughing in between each store as they gave him candy. He would hold on to as many as those little, squishy hands would hold, and when he started to drop them because there were tooooo many!, he finally agreed with me that we put them in his candy bag. Spencer was great, and I know many of you are wondering if I finished the famous "Blaziken" costume, and yes I did. (tell me what you think) I think it turned out great and Spencer liked the costume AND even a select few Pokemon lovers recognized exactly who he was exclaiming to their moms--, "Mom,...look, it's Blaziken, ..that's so cool!" you bet it is, those few kids made my whole day! I worked on it intermittenly, but it probably took about 4-5 hours total, in creating the entire look. It lasted the whole day and is still in tact, so to me it was a success. I actually enjoyed doing and just love the homemade costumes that no one else has. After Uptown, we rushed home to eat some dinner, because I knew if they didn't eat dinner, then all they would eat would be junk food for the rest of the day. Carter had probably already had 20 pieces of candy give or take. Rob came home early, we ate our yummy bacon burgers and then it was off to our tri-ward's trunk or treat. This took all of about 30 minutes, which was great! and then we went to a Halloween party we were invited to. We had a blast! I have never seen such enthusiasm and such effort put into hosting groups and groups of kids and families on Halloween. Their whole family dressed up, decorated the house, came up with a zillion games, had yummy spooky food and drinks, and were so casual and not stressed out about all the noise, crazy kids, spills, and chaos! The boys loved it, especially Spencer. He participated in all the games, tried some doughnut bobbing, knocked the pinata, and played so hard his costume started to come apart, piece by piece.
After the party, it was on to our honorary Grandma, Sister Pettey's house! The boys love her and she spoils them with everything's she's got. They each got a goodie bag- Spencer some Pokemon cards, an entire Kit Kat, and some kind of sour candy and
Carter his favorite fruit roll, scooby doo snacks, and his 2 favorite yellow cars he plays with at her house. THEN....we went off in search of the "Pirate House" we had been hearing about. There are some amazing Halloween enthusiasts around here, seriously. Apparently this dad and son start at the beginning of the month and create a Pirate ship out of their front yard and front rooms. They went all out! Just look at the pictures. Carter thought it was very "stary!" but once they gave him a piece of candy, he tolerated Spencer and I's gawking of all the decor. Finally, we headed for home, where the boys were amped and checking out all their loot. This was one of my favorite moments as they both buried their heads in their pillow cases to look at all their candy, instead of just dumping it all out. Too cute.

Here is Blaziken

And here is the costume!

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