Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I haven't had a whole lot to write about lately, just a few little things that I will mention. First, let's start with Spencer. This kid of mine continues to amaze me. His goodness, his abilities, how likable he is! I went to help out in his classroom Tuesday and having the kids read their assigned books to me, and then I get to grade them and write a little update on how they're doing. It was so fun! I show up and as soon as I see Spence, a smile just spreads on his face and it was nice that he was pleasantly surprised, (cuz who knows how long that'll last, seeing his own mom at school.) Anyways, I got to hear all the kids read, even Spencer, and I'm just so impressed at his level of reading, he's able to sound out words like magnificent and scientist, but what I was most impressed with was how he read his story to me and then was able to retell the story in amazing detail. The kid has quite a memory. Which leads me to my next thought, of how if Spencer with his amazing memory is able to retell all these details from a story at the age of 6, how is he going to remember his childhood? What will he remember of me at this age? Did I yell a lot? Get on him too much? Have no patience and a short fuse? (kind of the truth right now) He's such a great kid with so much potential, that it really makes me want to step it up. My focus is to make sure he feels safe, loved, and comfortable about himself, which I'm sure is every mother's goal, but for me right now, I have really felt a need to make this my priority.

Now on to Carter. 2 words loud and loud! But we are working on this, and I think he's really understanding that he shouldn't yell so much, but breaking this habit will definitely take some time. I admit, that sometimes I'd like to cut those vocal chords and enjoy the quietness, but then I wouldn't get to hear his sweet voice when he's not yelling. He is talking up a storm and says the cutest things! His "I love you Mommy, Huggies! and That's Funny!" are some of my favorites. He just really enjoys hearing his voice, which I know runs in the family, and you can't help but smile at all his lovely enthusiasm.


Rachel said...

It amazes me at how different your boys are. You are such a good mom to them and are so aware of their's very cool. I love hearing stories about their different definitely keep it real!

Anonymous said...

Love to read your posts. They are very well written. You are quite perceptive it knowing what your family is all about. I know it takes time to write but you'll never be sorry that you recorded these fun times & of course we love the slides & pictures. Can hardly believe that Carter is talking so much. We gotta call & talk to him.

Love to all, Mom & Dad