Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Spring Break 08

I have some posts long over due, so the next few will be random and packed, but so many fun memories, don't want to forget them!
Our trip down to Idaho/Utah over Spring Break was absolutely wonderful. The boys traveled well, we had a great visit with everyone, and it was so much fun. First, we visited Rob's Dad, Dave & Terri and his 2 sisters, and celebrated Rob's 32nd birthday! Wow, you're getting up there honey! It was so much fun with all the chaos and to see our nieces and nephews who we don't get to spend enough time around. Terri-Lynn, Jeff, and Ashlee came up from Logan for the night, which was so awesome of them! and spoiled the dickens out of the boys. There's no stopping that woman. And Teresa, Cam, Skylar, Tegan, Carson, & Zack came too. Tegan was hilarious and full of energy, and Carson just plain won Rob and I's hearts. Those two boys are so cute and played so well with Spencer and Carson. It was so much fun to get them all riled up, wrestling Skylar, sharing birthday cake, playing Bionicle, and even having Tegan sleep over. After the birthday celebration we were able to just relaxingly spend time with Grandma and Grandpa Mackley in the hot tub, out to eat, a little shopping, and we even caught a little bit of General Conference.

Then it was on to Grandma Noni, Auntie Misty, Hannah, and Mo (short for Morgan) Again we had a blast and love our family! They have both grown so much and are so mature for their ages! It helps that they are so smart, too. They graciously introduced us to the Wii and Guitar Hero. It was so much fun playing those games! We went to the Idaho museum and they had an exhibit about Egypt which was so cool. The best part of the museum was they had a separate corner for kids where they could play, climb, color, laugh, scream, and play till their heart's content. But the topper of the Museum day, was when Grandma Noni mounted a play wooden horse for $20 bucks on a dare from Rob. She popped right up there without any hesitation and just cackled her laugh in complete satisfaction! -In your face Rob! Who knew she was so spry?

We headed down to Utah and had our last, final and amazing visit. We saw my parents new kitchen which I just love, but have no idea where anything is! We went to Marissa's soccer game and cheered her on as a family. The cousins played and played and played. We snuck in a little guitar hero at Alayna's house, where Bryce and Michael schooled us all!
Our last night there we went to a church Family Home Evening with my parents where they had a whole bunch of different games. It was so much fun. Rachel and I played guitar hero, Dance, Dance Revolution, and even a little karaoke. I talked her into this by saying, we don't know anyone here, so we can go all out and hopefully never see them again. We sang some Cyndi Lauper and oh yeah, we rocked. It was fun, something I've never done before and the kicker was when we received a compliment from some girl watching, which by the way we had quite a crowd watching us, Rachel said that our mom made us perform a lot as kids. What the heck does that have to do with how awesome we were? All kids sing right? I don't know why, but I just thought that was the funniest reply. Anyways, love ya Rach, thanks for the duet. We'll have to do that again sometime.

On our way home, we made sure that we got to our hotel early enough to go swimming and let the kids out of the car awhile before bed. This is because in our last few car trips, no matter what time we get to the hotel, or if Carter's slept for a period of time or not, he gets his second wind and just wants to play. He's running around, jumping on the beds, investigating every drawer, talking crazy about who knows what, and just can't wind down. So we went swimming, had yummy Chinese, and we all went to bed by 10pm. This was a success. Yay!

We had a great time and just miss everyone so much already. I wish we were able to stay longer, or were able to visit more often, but at least when we do we have a blast!

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Wendy Christensen said...

This sounds like a wonderful BREAK :) - And I would have liked to have heard you do Cyndi Lauper ... !!! After all, girls just wanna have FUN - right??! You go girl.