Thursday, November 22, 2007

Birthday Celebration

Well, yesterday was a wonderful day. It started off with my favorite 5 year old boy wishing me a Happy Birthday, he wanted to be the first one, and he was at 7am. And it kept getting better. Rob surprised me with his gift. Not something on the list or that I'd mentioned, AND I like it! I love surprises! It was a Woolrich, fleece pullover. It looks like a Norwegian winter sweater, very cute. My friends at work spoiled me with yummy licorice, the new FF cd, and Sweet Home Alabama, one of my favorites, ooooh, and chinese. ---Yes, they know me very well. Rob and I enjoyed some good Mexican plus he took care of a project that has needed to be done for over 5 months, and that just makes me incredibly happy, thanks honey, and to all my friends who sent awesome presents, and those who remembered & called thank you! To my sisters, I'm sure I'll love it, can't wait to open it when mom and dad arrive on their delayed flight. ----This birthday was different and better than my past 5. After you're an adult, they just don't have the same kind of excitement, but I really enjoyed yesterday. I've started the countdown, only 2 more years before the big 30, and there's only 2 things that I need to accomplish, so I can enjoy that birthday without any hesitation, so I better get on it.
*Happy Birthday to me!

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Mandy said...

I suck! I even remembered the week before that I needed to write you a shout out for your birthday...then time passed and my retarded self came back! So sorry! I will try to be better next least till I forget again, dont they say that babies do that to you, as well as make you have like 20 mandatory pounds attached to your hips? Anyway, happy birthday baby girl! I am so glad it was fun! Let me know how the new CD is, Ron put me on a CD budget! Happy Birthday Kiddo!